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Mekong river geographic
Tuesday, 12.15.2009 (GMT7)

The Mekong River is one of the world's 10th rivers in its river length and has great influences upon nature and societies of the Indo-china Peninsula. The name "MEKONG" originate in Thai language, Mae Nam Khong1). The source of the Mekong River is in Tibet mountains and is called Dza Chu River (River of Rock). After running through very narrow valley paralling Yangz Jiang and Salween River, the Mekong reach to Yung-Nan Province of China and is called Lancang Jiang (Turbulent River). Via Golden Triangle, the crossing of China, Myanmer and Laos boarder, the Mekong flow into Vientiane Plain. The term, Lower Mekong means downstream segment from the point. There are some notorious rapids for French navigation plan in colonial period before the Mekong get to Cambodia, and the last segment is the Mekong Delta in Viet Nam, which distributes grate influeces to agriculture, especially paddy fields there. According to a sketch on the right, we can see this long river with some segments hereinafter;

1) Originated from the east edge of Tibet belongs to Yung-Nan Province in China and run down to the south

2) Run through the border of Laos PDR and Myanmar

3) Continue running to the south and run through the border of Laos PDR and Thailand

4) Take some right tributaries from Thailand and then run into Cambodia

5) Take some right tributaries including Tonlesap River from Great Lake

6) Start breaking up into plural flows and form vast Mekong Delta in Viet Nam and finally run into the South-China Sea

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